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Established by Mark Lu in 1979 and relocated to the current Taichung headquarters in 1996, Jen I Spring Co. specializes in the custom design and manufacture of a wide variety of hardware springs. These springs are manufactured in all shapes and sizes in order to meet the needs of clients from different industries. Jen I Spring Co. also assists clients with technical challenges. With a team of specialists and operations around the globe, Jen I Spring Co. strives for constant improvement and continues to implement state-of-the-art Japanese automatic precision equipment. Quality is our motto and customer satisfaction is our priority.

The defining characteristic of the spring is its small size. Jen I Spring Co. specializes in high-precision springs with diameters measuring between Ø0.1mm~Ø6.0mm. Quality certified by ISO, Jen I is the supplier of General Electric Supply in the United States and Spring Nail Gun. Our products include but are not limited to Compression Spring, Torsion Spring, Extension Spring, Flat Spring, Linear Spring and Special Shape Spring. Which are used in 3C products, machines, toys, hand tools, home electronics, kitchen hardware, bicycles, and automobiles.

Although the spring is tiny, it is far from trivial. It is one of the key components inside all kinds of industrial products, including both high-tech and aerospace machinery. Springs come in all shapes and sizes and often require time-consuming, detailed design and precision. Jen I Spring Co. maintains continuous staff training and places stress on innovative research and development. Jen I Spring Co. has extended experience working with public companies, meeting their high-quality standards, providing technical consultation, and building long-term, win-win relationships. As a result of its close relationship and trust with clients, Jen I Spring Co. has consistently outpaced the competition. Jen I Spring Co. has lived up to the industry standard of being “small, but precise and the most professional.”

At Jen I Spring Co., we understand the importance of social responsibility and we care about the environment. Throughout the production process, we use a green process that excludes any harmful chemicals. All the end products meet the standards of EU Rohs with SGS reports.

To ensure quality and perfection, Jen I Spring Co. standardizes the entire production process and implements ISO quality control systems. Jen I Spring Co. has gained the trust and praise of its global clients by serving these clients in a timely and exemplary manner.

ISO Certificate
ISO9001-2008 ISO9001-2008